A relationship I have been in for over eight months was almost becoming an obsession because it was moving so slowly. Since I discussed this with you two weeks ago, the intensity of this relationship has moved dramatically. I feel such a release and breakthrough an ease in our communications. This love is so sweet, gentle and we laugh a lot. Thank you

- Beth, California

I have gained more insight into my life situation, particularly my love relationship, from your soul readings than I have through two years of therapy. Thank you for empowering me to begin to take positive steps towards improving my life

- Dwayne, NYC

Again I must thank you for the Seraphim energies I received from you while in Sydney last May. They truly have helped me in my spiritual work. I use these energies daily and I am overjoyed at the positive influence they have had on my life – I hope to have the opportunity to learn more

- Nichole, Australia

I am so profoundly glad I discovered you and took part in your Karmic Clearing Workshop today! Though I was participating today “at a distance” the energies I experienced were extremely powerful and extraordinarily helpful. Your angels really “have my number” and they were expertly, efficiently, and effectively facilitating my transmutation into the next stage of my spiritual evolution. They were doing exactly what needed to be done for me on every level of my Being, including the cellular level. I just kept saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

In fact, the energies I experienced today felt familiar and I am sure they began working with me about two weeks ago, on the day you received my registration. And they sure didn’t quit when the workshop ended at 5:00 p.m., either. I was able to get up, go for a walk, do a bit of grocery shopping, and attend a child’s birthday party this evening, and all the while I can feel the energies quite strongly in my head and body.

I say your workshop would be a bargain at three times the price. I am gratefully looking forward to the continuation of this gentle, sweet, loving, and fabulously powerfully assistance in future months. You didn’t ask me for this letter, but you may certainly quote me on any of this.

- Alia Zara Aurami, Ph.D., Seattle, Washington

My vet said that it would be lucky if my cat lasted until September of ’98, because she wasn’t eating much and was in the beginning stages of kidney disease. This wasn’t treatable without a kidney transplant, and cats don’t have that done. After this I used Seraphim healing energies on her. It’s now five years later and she absolutely gallops around the house. And she’s eating very well. She just had her nineteenth birthday. For a cat that was practically on it’s deathbed it’s not doing too badly.

- Patricia, Queensland