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In 2007 Ruth spoke at the Adyar Bookstore in Sydney, Australia


The Seraphim Blueprint Levels:

About 13,000 years ago a group of Seraphim created an energy paradigm for humanity to facilitate health, happiness and overall well-being. These included ten major wave-forms, each with a distinctive quality. Atlanteans used this system for their main cosmology. Early Jewish mystics cognized these same powers and created the Kabbalistic Tree-of-Life.One of the original angels who created this system selected Ruth to help make these energies available after a hiatus of 6,000 years. The powers are given our in a series of workshops that build one another. The first level includes energies for physical and emotional healing. Some students of this work consider it to be the most powerful healing modality on the planet. View More

In early 2023 Ruth will teach her Seraphim Blueprint course titled “The Seraphic Tour of the Galaxy”. This course shares many initiations related to extraterrestrial influence on this planet, and also the unknown history of this planet, going back millions of years.

In 2022 Ruth created the audio version of the Seraphim Blueprint book that is now available through Audible and through Amazon.