The Seraphim Blueprint Levels:

About 13,000 years ago a group of Seraphim created an energy paradigm for humanity to facilitate health, happiness and overall wellbeing. These included ten major waveforms, each with a distinctive quality. Atlanteans used this system for their main cosmology. Early Jewish mystics cognized these same powers and created the Kabbalistic Tree-of-Life.

One of the original angels who created this system selected Ruth to help make these energies available after a hiatus of 6,000 years. The powers are given our in a series of workshops that build one another. The first level includes energies for physical and emotional healing. Some students of this work consider it to be the most powerful healing modality on the planet.
(See “Seraphim Blueprint” page)

Karmic Clearing

This workshop has become increasingly popular. You will be initiated into a karmic-clearing process that will go on for months. This process will systematically clear all levels of negative karma with the help of God. Examples include:

  • Past-life parental relationships
  • Physical, psychological and medical issues
  • Racial, country and sexual identity issues

Childhood conditioning This workshop can be taken simultaneously any place on the planet, assuming that you are in a time zone compatible with the times it is being offered. It has previously occurred in California and Sydney, Australia.

Psychic Training 101
As a clairsentient psychic Ruth will train you in her method of psychic development which utilises a pendulum to generate answers to mental questioning. In the course you will become comfortable with dowsing to generate answers concerning your own soul, past lives, and health issues.